Ashley Sudney
Graphic Designer

DC Prep: The Power To Do More

DC Prep is a public charter school for underserved children in Washington, DC. To kickstart their new initiative to expand and raise $25M by 2020 they needed a campaign that went above and beyond their normal pull for donations. The Power To Do More campaign aimed to not only bring in new donors but to inspire repeat donors to give more and become brand ambassadors.

Senior Art Director: Mila Arrisueño

DC Prep Annual Bash

DC Prep Annual Bash

The Power to do More campaign was announced during the DC Prep Annual Bash at the Rockefeller mansion. There, attendees were given a handout briefly introducing the new initiative and a web address where they could learn more, donate, and easily share the campaign on social media. 

Attendees were also given a puzzle piece that they were asked to place on a large magnetic board. As people arrived, the board filled with pieces to show the final image of the recent graduating class. This was a fun, interactive way to illustrate how, together, they were able to give such an amazing opportunity to DC kids in need.