Ashley Sudney
Graphic Designer

EYA Grosvenor Heights

EYA is Washington area’s leading urban home builder, creating timeless communities in walkable areas. I helped design the identity and sales center for their Grosvenor Heights neighborhood in Bethesda, MD. Grosvenor Heights is the best of both worlds, a quiet, wooded oasis next door to some of the best attractions Maryland has to offer, and only moments away from the Grosvenor Metro. 

Creative Director: Johnny Vitorovich | Senior Art Director: Carrie Madigan

The Sales Center

The Sales Center

Taking on an interior design role I helped layout the sales center for Grosvenor Heights and design the buyer experience. I picked paint colors, wood finishes, and furniture to create a mood that reflected what the Grosvenor Heights neighborhood would be like when it was completed. Since the area the neighborhood was being built in was wooded, I focused on using wood and nature images of flowers, forests and plants.