Ashley Sudney
Graphic Designer

Honda in America

Each year, Honda produces an investment report designed to showcase their involvement in America to U.S. lawmakers and regulators. Along with designing the brochure for the last two years, and an accompanying microsite, I also helped in the redesign of their main website and provided illustrations for online marketing.

Creative Director: Gregg Glaviano

2015 – 2017 Brochure

2015 – 2017 Brochure

The initial idea for the brochure was to show Honda as part of a growing community in America. Previous brochures had focused more on the cars themselves and less on the vast network in the U.S. that helped supply parts for manufacturing, selling, and ultimately owning these cars. I wanted to show the Honda investment story as a neighborhood where everyone contributes. Every year the community remains but the focus shifts, the brochure for 2017 centered on connectivity and the future of cars and technology. 

The 2015 brochure was also the first to be designed into a microsite that inspired the redesign of the entire Honda in America website, and who's concept was carried on for three years in various print and digital media.