Ashley Sudney
Graphic Designer

EYA Chevy Chase Lake

EYA is Washington area’s leading urban home builder, creating timeless communities in walkable areas. I helped design the identity and sales center for their Chevy Chase Lake brownstone community in Chevy Chase, MD. 

Creative Director: Johnny Vitorovich | Senior Art Director: Rob King

The Sales Center

The Sales Center

Part of my job was to design the layout and construction of the Chevy Chase Lake Brownstones sales center. I took on an interior designer role specking paint colors, picking furniture, and organizing the customers journey in the space. I worked closely with print and fabrication companies to design murals, displays, and even the table that houses the neighborhood model. Using materials and colors actually offered in the townhome floorplans I strived to created an atmosphere that truly gave the buyer a feel for what the neighborhood would be like when it was built. The granite table top and metal legs were custom designed to reflect the kitchen materials and pattern used throughout the branding.